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The Music Therapy Friendship Initiative is a registered non-profit organization (ry) which promotes collaboration between the clinical music therapy community and the broader scientific and educational communities in Finland and worldwide.

The idea for MTFI began when a few PhD students, studying music psychology and music therapy, accidentally met some students who were studying to become clinical music therapists. We realized that we were sharing University facilities and not much else. We decided that this lack of contact between the research and clinical worlds needed to change, and MTFI was born. We organize monthly MTFI Get-Togethers (Now in Zoom!), special events, and full-day seminars, where music therapists and music psychologists (and anyone else interested in these topics) can get to know each other and learn from each other. We hope you’ll join us!



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We host a new guest speaker each month at our online get-togethers, including students and professionals in music psychology research and music therapy. We welcome multidisciplinary perspectives and focuses on knowledge-sharing and opportunities to discover unexpected common ground.

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