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Music Therapy Friendship Initiative has recently become a registered non-profit organization (ry) in Finland! This means we can accept official memberships for the first time. We want to continue to offer MTFI events for free to everyone, so offset our own out-of-pocket costs we're offering a €15 yearly membership that gets you access to video archives of some of our past MTFI events. You also get to know that you are helping us continue to plan and put on free events, maintain our webpage, and work towards expanding our mission to promote interdisciplinary friendships for music therapy!  

Become an official MTFI member

  • MTFI Member

    Every year
    • Access to MTFI video archives

Please note that we do not require our speakers to make their talks available via video recording. Due to the need to protect participant and client privacy, it is not always possible to make recordings available outside of live-streamed presentations.  We add videos to our archive only with explicit permission from the presenters. 

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